Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oddly happy

This week and last have been spent jumping from one possible career/education idea to the next. Eric and I keep deciding on paths, falling in love with the idea and then it falls through..thanks to the horrible economy, the lack of money and the area we live in.
So, today..Eric says
"Fuck it, the econmoy isn't getting any better in the next few years, I work in the damn construction business, which is the worst place to be and I want out. I am going back to school. Why the hell not?"
And of course I jumped on board, because I had this same revelation about 2 years ago when i realized I could not be someones "assistant" the rest of my life and working towards a 15/hr job for the next 10 years of my life wasn't the best choice when I could go to school for 2 years and make double that.
And I don't really care WHAT he does, as long as he does something and I have always valued a college education, especially for him because he will be a first generation college student, which is big damn deal.
He is leaning towards accounting, numbers and that crap and I promised I would write his papers for him, because I actually enjoy that shit.
I feel pretty good about this. I think I might have more faith in him than he has in himself, but thats's what us wives are for, right?
So, now he is looking for a part time night job, cooking..since has done it before, it's easy and the hours are right..he'll probably end up at good ole' Applebee's since I worked there and know the entire staff. And I am now looking for a full time day job and when I start back up at school, I'll go back down to part time. How this will work with 3 kids, I have no clue. But, We have to do something and I refuse to sit around and hope it gets better like every other person who was laid off this winter. It won't get better, not overnight. Barack is the MAN, but not a miracle worker.
On a really perky note...we payed off ALL of our credit card debt today, (honestly..we really didn't have THAT much) and it feels GREAT to be completely debt free, except for the van...
but damn, it's sweet to be able to answer my phone again without fearing a debt collector.
I don't owe anyone a damn penny.
and THAT is enough to keep me smiling for the next few weeks.
we have a dinner date on Friday!!! It will be our first dinner date for V-day in our entire relationship!! I was 9 mo. pregnant with Danny our first v-day day and every one siince then we have spent at home with kids, but thanks to taxes...this weekend we are hitting the town!

as always...
life in the Smith house is oddly enough...happy.